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For Pain Relief and Optimal Health

The MYYO Technique is a holistic, natural way of relieving discomfort and stress in a person so that they can “Live Life Painlessly” on all levels.

The MYYO Technique is a gentle hands-on, drug free, healing modality for everyone, from children to elderly, and is safe during pregnancy. When one does not feel completely well on any level of being, physical, mental, energetic or emotional, one cannot function optimally which results in a poor quality of life.

MYYO releases from mild stress to deep seated discomfort in the client. It may also improve one’s overall health, well-being and performance levels e.g.. sports or academics, even when feeling well.

It provides faster recovery of illness/injury. It relaxes muscles, improves circulation, increases strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina and energy. Work and play performance, posture, gait, and sleep patterns improve quickly and effectively. The MYYO Techniques is also able to help one overcome mental and emotional stress. This Technique was developed by Dr. Anne Combrinck (PhD) from South Africa.



We offer professional Training in the MYYO Technique and Practitioners are bound by an ethical code of conduct as determined by the MYYO Association.

The AnandaPrana Techniques, which is part of MYYO is based on ancient Ayurveda healing methods and is deeply relaxing, while also energising and uplifting.

The FAQ's will guide you with any questions related to the MYYO Technique.

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Some Applications of MYYO

* Neck, shoulder, hip, lower back and other body pain.
* Headaches, migraines and jaw tenderness.
* Spinal scoliosis discomfort and poor posture.
* Sports injuries, car accident injuries, repetitive strain injuries,etc.
* Arthritic pain, post operative pain.
* Pregnancy aches and pains and post childbirth re-alignment.
* Releases physical, emotional or mental imbalances.
* Enhances sports performance e.g. golf, cricket, athletics, etc.
* Improves flexibility and muscle endurance.
* Improves breathing and cardio-vascular function.
* Increases resilience to stress and improves relaxation, etc.

MYYO Technique Example

Last Updated: March 2018