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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is MYYO Technique?
MYYO Technique is a way of releasing tension and pain in the body on all levels, by various techniques and stretching exercises. The aim is to help everyone to "Live Life Painlessly".

What causes pain and stiffness in the muscles?
Tiny muscle knots, which are often the same points as accupuncture points, cause contraction and hence pain. They may manifest on the physical, energetic or chemical levels. These may occur when a muscle is held in a contracted state for a lengthy period of time or when a sudden or a jerked reaction to an accident or fall occurs. Any time a muscle is put into a compromised position like an accident, injury, surgery or even bad posture or repeatedly holding or moving a muscle in a specific way, will cause the tiny fibres of the muscle to constrict and form these knot-like trigger points. For example the bowler in the cricket team will develop trigger points in his shoulder muscles after repeatedly circum-rotating his arm to bowl the ball.

When I am physically or emotionally under pressure I develop body pain, can MYYO help this?

Sometimes due to an old accident, injury or surgical procedure, trigger points are ‘set up’ within muscles of the body but do not give you any pain until a stressful time in your life. These then ‘light up’ or become active and cause immense or mild physical pain. This pain may not necessarily be in the area of the trigger point.

Is treatment the same for everyone?
Every person is different, every area on the person can feel different, and therefor the MYYO consultation is not the same for everybody and may also vary from appointment to appointment.

Do I need to take off my clothes for a treatment?

Majority of the MYYO treatments are carried out on the client who is fully clothed in thin and stretchable comfortable clothing. Sometimes however, the client is asked to remove their top to access the upper back or neck area. Shoes are removed.

What responds to the MYYO Technique?
Headaches, lower back pain, TMJ, leg & knee pain, tennis elbow etc. Read more.

How do I find a MYYO Practitioner?
Search this web site for a Practitioner in your area. Alternatively, you can contact us.

How often do I need to go for MYYO sessions?

We advise the person to come at least 3 times (with minimum 3 days in between each treatment) to correct the original problem. Perhaps after that the client may need a few more treatments, depending on the severity of the injury or problem - otherwise we suggest a monthly maintenance treatment to remain in optimum balance and health.

Can a client claim from medical aid for a MYYO session?
No, not at present.

Can I be trained as a MYYO Practitioner?
Yes - we have professional training, suitable for therapists, yoga teachers and others.

Are MYYO Practitioners registered with a professional body?
Yes - the Practitioners belongs to the MYYO Practitioners Association of SA (MTASA), which is a member of COCHASA (Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa).

Do you have an online shop?
Yes - we offer a variety of products & trainings online - go here.

Last Updated: January 2019